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UK Pension Transfer To Australia

Austalia QROPS UK Pension Transfer

Many people who have a UK pension and are either retired or looking to retire in Australia are considering a            UK pension transfer to Australia using a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme a QROPS.

This is because a QROPS Pension offers substantial benefits over a UK Pension for people who are not Ordinary Residents of the UK for Tax  purposes.

They range from not being liable for any UK Taxation on your pension income so you will only pay Australian tax through the ATO.

In addition you will remove your UK Pension Scheme form the risk of your UK pension Scheme falling into administration as it is estimated that some 20% of all UK Pension Schemes are under funded.

A clear benefit of a UK Pension Transfer To Australia using a QROPS Pension are the death benefits. In the UK over the age of 75 a Death Tax applies collected by HMRC prior to any payout to your beneficiaries of up to 45% of the payout.

With a QROPS there are no Death Tax at anytime or any age. This a huge QROPS benefit and enables people to pass on inter-generational wealth through the generations.

QROPS are filly approved by both HMRC and the UK Government and you can check out the QROPS List for approved QROPS Pension Schemes.

QROPS Australia

A QROPS pension can be held by people in Australia with substantial benefits to them. We discussed some of the QROPS benefits above but for a more fuller idea of how a QROPS Pension will benefit you and your family please visit our main site here QROPS Australia where you can download your FREE QROPS Guide.

Remember a UK Pension Transfer To Australia offers real benefits to you that can substantially increase your wealth during your life time and your beneficiaries after your premature death.

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