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QROPS Pension Transfer Advice Specialist

QROPS Pension Transfer Specialist

Wealth Management Hong Kong have earned the reputation of being the Worldwide go to QROPS Specialist when considering a UK Pension Transfer to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme know as a QROPS.

They are recognised as having the specialised QROPS knowledge based on a team of UK trained pension advisers.

QROPS Expert

Their QROPS Experts pension advisers typically have over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services Pension Industry and all are UK Trained and Qualified, in addition to their international experience and qualifications.

QROPS Specialist

Our team of QROPS Specialists have all benefited from working in the UK over many years prior to gaining their international experience. This combination of UK and International work, experience and qualifications together with our team approach provides a unique offering on the QROPS Pension Market place.

We provide unrivaled QROPS advice in the international QROPS environment and when this is combined with our commitment to client service it offers our clients a value proposition that cannot be found elsewhere.

QROPS Pension

QROPS Benefits

The benefits of a UK Pension Transfer to a QROPS Pension insurmountable in comparison to a UK Pension and include:

  1. No more UK Tax.
  2. The removal of the UK Pension Death Tax of up to 45%.
  3. The removal of third part risk.

By removing your pension from the UK to a QROPS you will not be liable for any UK Tax, you will only pay income tax in the country where you are resident for taxation. This can in many cases reduce the amount of tax that you pay and as a consequence increase the money available for you to spend as your wish.

A UK pension has a Death Tax payable on the proceeds from a person’s pre mature death from the age of 75 at up to 45%. By transferring your UK Pension to a QROPS Pension your remove this tax as a QROPS HAS NO DEATH TAX APPLIED AT ANY AGE.

Around 20% of all UK pensions are underfunded which means that you may not receive any pension at all.

By transferring your UK Pension to a QROPS you secure you pension (money) in your own pension fund your QROPS.

For further information on transferring UK Pension to a QROPS Pension Scheme contact the QROPS Specialist here