Life Insurance Asia

Life Insurance Asia

Life Insurance Asia – the life insurance industry in Asia is well establish and more and more Hong Kong Life Insurance companies are looking to expand their operations within the golden opportunity that the emerging Asia economies present to the insurance environment.

Hong Kong Life Insurance is well established and the industry and insurance environment is well catered for with many of the leading worldwide Life insurance company have established themselves historically as the gateway to China and the Asian Tigers. provision of so many insurance companies in the crowded Hong Kong has presented the former British Colony with an abundant choice when it comes to people choosing their insurance company for the Life Protection of themselves and their family.

From the French opened AXA to the British Aegon and the USA Trans America the people of Hong Kong have a wide choice.

Individual Life Insurance

Nobody denies the important of protecting ones loved ones from the premature death of the bread winner of the family.

The sudden withdrawal of the income that was provided by the main income earner of a family can be devastating particularly when combined with the emotional loss at the time.


Life Insurance then is extremely important for the ongoing provision for a family.

This is never more so than in Asia were not only are people generally speaking less affluent than their counterparts in the western world, but the Death In Service Benefits provided by companies in Asia is either non existent or at a reduced multiple of earnings than that enjoyed by those in western society.

It therefore as a consequence of this fact, that the purchase of Life Insurance is a must do for most people and in Hong Kong that means Term Insurance which is typically the favored life insurance policy taken out by most people in Hong Kong.

Term Life Insurance pays out a specified sum assured over  specified period of time, and has proven to be the insurance of choice in Hong Kong providing affordable premiums for valuable sum assures.

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